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Sorry, no hugs today by Tadashi—kun

Poor Sweetie Belle is feeling a bit under the weather, so no hugs today.
I actually started drawing this when I was sick myself.

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I have never reblogged anything faster in my life.

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Remember when Eren was young and innocent…?



I don’t, that son of a bitch was born insane.


Heard you were talkin’ shit

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» totoro 

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Got an opinion on the (almost) "Plushgate 2: Anti-bronies do it better"?
Anonymous asked


[Context for those who don’t know: Anon has a brony friend. She manipulated him into giving her an expensive custom pony plush to cheer her up. She contacts Ponies Against Bronies and asks to collaborate on ceremonial destruction ideas.

Despite making three responses, PaB fails to acknowledge that Anon is morally bankrupt for doing this in the first place, and should return the plush immediately.]

Well, past what everyone else has already said – this is a verbatim example of the dangers of generalisations.

These people have demonised and dehumanised bronies to the point where a morally black situation is entirely overlooked because a brony is the victim.

Even after several considerations, it’s still only elevated to kinda-sorta-not-right.

Whatever your opinions and views are, you need to maintain perspective.

If you’re going to blindly hate bronies then fine, but manipulating a person’s feelings to steal from them and then use the stolen property for further torment is a terrible thing to do, no matter who the victim is.

Anti-bronies are so casual about their hatred that they’re completely loosing sight of reality now, and that’s how you know that there’s a serious problem.

Be careful who’s opinion you follow. Even I take a lot of pro-bronies with a pinch of salt when they’re getting overly aggressive.